About Us

Hi.  I’m Steph and I own SHU Global Footwear. We opened our doors on Grand Ave. in 2003.  We are a small, family owned, local business.  SHU is the Great-Grandbaby of R&G Shoes, started by my Great Grandfather, over 90 years ago, in Fargo, ND.  After I graduated from the U of M, I decided to follow in my family’s footsteps and open my own store. 


The aim of our store is to provide fashion forward, comfortable footwear.  I have foot problems myself, and in this day and age, I firmly believe we should be able to walk in the shoes we love.  It is my goal to find unique high quality shoes that live up to this standard.  


Sincere thanks to all of our customers, website visitors, and Facebook fans.  We are nothing without you!